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About Joshua

As a licensed and board-certified marriage and family therapist with a background in yoga philosophy and meditation, Joshua brings compassion, clarity, and deep insight to his counseling practice. He has over two decades of experience in counseling, blending Western psychology with the timeless wisdom traditions of the East. 

Joshua works with the treatment of anxiety and depression, mindfulness practices for stress reduction, cultivating work-life balance, helping to create fulfilling relationships, working through trauma, healing through loss and grief, and successfully navigating times of change.

Joshua’s office is located in the heart of Pacific Heights in San Francisco. In addition to in-person sessions, he works extensively with clients around the world via Skype, FaceTime, Google Chat, and by phone.

heart cookie.jpeg

When counseling clients and students come to me, they are bestowing upon me the precious gift of their vulnerability and willingness to be seen beyond social and personal masks. This is a sacred trust. Remembering to act from a place of kindness polishes the mirror of my own heart and offers a space where others may awaken their own internal kindness.


From that place, we can experience the fruits of transformation, self-acceptance, and peace.

- Joshua Michaell 

Photo by Josh Michaell. Linzer cookie from Tartine Bakery in San Francisco meets vintage Shino plate. 

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